Meet an Artist: Alvin Pang

Alvin Pang is an award-winning poet, writer, editor, anthologist, and translator. Working primarily in English, his poetry has been translated into over fifteen languages, and he has appeared in major festivals and anthologies worldwide.

His new collection of poetry, What Gives Us Our Names made me cry over brunch, and can be purchased online.

Alvin also tweets very interesting things here.ImageI was lucky enough to have Alvin share his thoughts on Singapore, writing and food and here they are condensed in pithy excellence for you to enjoy:

What words do you think sum up the work that you make?


What drives you to make art?

Boredom, curiosity, surprise

What is your next project?

Several commissioned selections/anthologies of Singapore poetry for international journals and publishers, all at once!

What is your dream future project?

A book of fiction (either collection of short stories, or a novel.  A verse novel?!)

What is your favourite spot in Singapore? What is your least favourite spot?

Fav: It’s a secret. But it’s somewhere green and mostly uninhabited.
Least fav: anywhere crowded, really.

What is your favourite arts venue in Singapore?

BooksActually!ImageWhat is your favourite poem/play/film/artwork about Singapore?

I’m fond of Dave Chua’s Gone Case (novel), especially the killer closing paragraph.  And Yeng Pway Ngon’s startling novel, UNREST.   But no one single work does it for me, really.  Perhaps the anthologies I’ve put together: NO OTHER CITY: The Ethos Anthology of Urban Poetry (Ethos:2000), or TUMASIK: Contemporary Writing from Singapore (Autumn Hill: 2009) simply because they suggest the diversity and range that is quintessentially Singaporean.  I like not having to choose 🙂

What is your favourite hawker centre?

This is a toughie. Telok Blangah rates highly, as does Maxwell.  Kreta Ayer used to be a great choice for newbies but parking is too difficult.  Adam Road is a favourite.

What is your favourite recipe to cook at home?

I don’t do it often, but I make a killer Roast Beef at X’mas.  Also my Teriyaki Chicken is a frequent fav.


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