Finding Your Inner Quirk

One. Week. Left!

It’s quite horrifying and unbelievable to think that I only have a week left in Singapore.

The first month has gone so incredibly fast; a whirlwind of teaching, meeting new people, going to events, learning about the culture, museum- and gallery-hopping, and eating many many egg tarts from Tiong Bahru Pau.ImageThe last week has been bittersweet, as my series of workshops have all culminated in different ways.

On Wednesday, I held my final workshop for adult writers. For the last 3 weeks, this ensemble has been coming together to share inspiration, gain support and advice, and to form a few collaborative documents that can help us with our creative process in the future. They have been a joy to work with, and I look forward to sharing some of our work with you all soon, to see if it inspires you on your own creative journeys.ImageI also wrapped up the final session of my Finding Your Voice workshops with writers aged 16-22. These young writers have been dedicated, open to new ideas, and have created a very exciting collection of monologues inspired by the setting of Tiong Bahru. These will be shared soon too!

In a stroke of perfect timing, fellow Australian writer Kim Ho, he of the much-acclaimed film The Language of Love, happened to be in Singapore.ImageKim came to share his film (watch it, here) and a Q&A with my team of young writers, and then was able to hear their final pieces of work being shared with the class.ImageFinally, yesterday was my final workshop in Singapore, a community event at Tiong Bahru Community Centre, focused on writing about the unique estate of Tiong Bahru.ImageIt was a very exciting day of sharing, storytelling and laughter, with a mixture of local residents and other people from wider Singapore. We engaged with the locations, people and stories of Tiong Bahru while sharing a few creative exercises.

I hope the workshop has inspired some people to start writing and keep writing, and share their stories with the wider world.ImageIt has been a challenging and rewarding opportunity to offer three very different masterclasses within a short period, but I have gained so much from the artists I have worked with.

This experience has brought home the realisation that everybody has a story, an inner quirkiness, a combination of odd passions, skills and loves that make them who they are. Once we tap into this inner self with dedication and rigour, we can create work that is personal, meaningful and engaging. Our unique way of seeing the world. Our own inner voice.

Thank you to the Tiong Bahru Community Centre and Grey Projects for hosting us so well.

Now back to the Pau stall.


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