Meet an Artist: Tracie Pang

It’s a new week, which means a new local artist to introduce you to!

I was delighted to have Tracie Pang take part in my Q&A this week.


Tracie is Co-Artistic Director of Pangdemonium Theatre Company with her husband Adrian. Their most recent play was a local production of the Broadway hit Gruesome Playground Injuries, playing at the Esplanade Theatre, and as we are propelled ever closer to 2014, Pangdemonium have an exciting new season to share.


The new season is an exciting mix of dark comedy, poetic drama, and a musical love story! You can read all about it here.

Here is Tracie’s Singapore for you to enjoy:

What words do you think sum up the work that you make?

Powerful story telling. We try to be wide ranging and varied in our choices but the core of the work comes from choosing good writing and stories to tell.


What drives you to make art?

It is just a passion, I can’t imagine doing anything else and being happy. I want my children to have access to expression, joy, heartbreak and all the fine details in-between. The theatre can be a magic space to get lost in for a couple of hours and my hope is to give people that opportunity to be a part of that magic and to learn something from that experience.

What is your next project?

My next project is a play called FAT PIG by Neil LaBute. It is a piece about self image and social conformity. Very funny and very sad.


What is your dream future project?

Oh I have a lot of dreams! I do hope that one day I can work with a writer on developing a new piece that I haven’t dreamed of yet!

What is your favourite spot in Singapore? What is your least favourite spot?

Hard to say, I love to be around the bay near the Esplanade, the view is spectacular and I love the energy of artistes constantly being around the Esplanade. My least favourite spot is probably the Tax office, although the route going up to the 2nd link (causeway) is pretty ugly!

What is your favourite arts venue in Singapore?

I love working in the Esplanade Theatre, it is so well designed back stage and front of house and the staff support is great. I am also looking forward to Victoria Theatre reopening after its renovations, it has been closed for years now, but it was the first theatre in Singapore that I worked in and it holds good memories.


Photo from Pangdemonium’s production of ‘Next to Normal’

What is your favourite play/film/artwork about Singapore?

I don’t think that I have one, I have enjoyed many pieces of film and theatre that has come out of Singapore but I am not sure that one stands out to me that tops the others.

What is your favourite hawker centre?

East Coast Lagoon – I can cycle from my home to the beach, the food choices there are fab, and I love the sea breeze mixed with the smell of cooking Satay on the BBQ’s.

What is your favourite recipe to cook at home?

I love to cook a good roast chicken, there is never anything left over once my boys have devoured it.

What does Singapore look like in 20 years?

Assuming that we avoid any major calamity, I think Singapore will go from strength to strength as a major player in the region for business and also the arts. I think it will be at the forefront of development in many areas, it is quite a resilient little red dot.


Thanks so much for taking part, Tracie.

You can follow Pangdemonium on Twitter, and their website holds all the details of their 2014 season.


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